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Pyramid Electric . - 2003 Secretly Canadian

Pyramid Electric Co.
When the great pyramids
Dragged themselves out to this spot
A sickness sank into the little one's heart
Mama said son
That's just the cold
That's just the emptiness
It's being alone
In the dark
You'll get used to it (x2)
You'll have friends who won't come home
You'll see their bones
Not separate yet from death
But you'll get used to it
You'll get used to it (x2)
We all get used to it
See the bloody arrow above us
See the blood that underlines it
Dark repetition

Red Comet Dust
The endless blue
Shadow inside you
Gathered in you
Disappeared in you
Into the solid earth
Into the solid earth
I want to be true
Like the solid earth
I want to be true
A red comet's dust
Falls in the field
Re-marking the trail
Now you follow that trail
I want to be true (x2)
Like the solid earth
The constant old witness
To accept what i see in it
What i think i see (x3)
Looking out at me
From the primal dust (x2)

Division St. Girl
Painted Up division street girl
She's a pretty denim queen
Bird of paradise eyes
Bird of paradise dying eyes
But i could sight read those slangy lips
I could sight right those hips
And anyway out loud she says
Hey sucker
Are you lonely
Well that's alright
You don't have to say anything
I can always tell when
You lost something big
Something real big
Well we all did
A jukebox in an empty room
Conjures up the blues
They got my song on it
Want to dance
Cause it's just you and me and the gravity
You and me down on division street
And it's like we've landed on the enemy's side
And the other guys all quit
And they left us with nothing when they split
Except the cold and the quiet
And the blues to sing about it

Honey, Watch Your Ass
The smoke tastes like gray lead
It's killing her head
She finally let him have it
Here practice yelling at yourself instead
She nearly burned the town again
With the look that she gave him
She covers her heart with her hands and says
A little useless praying never hurts anything
It's like nothing's got a pulse (x2)
In this whole damn place
Right down to the clocks
Nothing's got a pulse
Remember darling how quiet it got
Leave her alone, let her go home (x2)
So she don't have to see you
How pathetic you can be
So she won't hate herself to death
Know what i mean
She's covering he heart with her hands and says
A little useless praying never hurts anything
That must be her up there
Perfume and cigarette smoke in her wild hair
She smells a little like a train
Hauling lilacs through the rain
I can't tell that she's crying
I'll pretend again
But she sees them total destruction
As she goes running to them
I'm finally showing her the switch
How i learned to hold it
In my teeth
How she's got to keep
One razor sharp bloody piece
Of her old broken heart
How she's got to use that edge to carve
Across her new heart
Something deep enough to hurt
So it always reminds her
Deep enough to last
Darlin' honey, watch your ass

Song Of The Road
The halos lights
Look good with the ringing
Fog bells
Orion dead in the arc
But you can't tell
Lead gray eclipse above
Hiss of the snakes
Rolling beside us
We are thrown into the shade (x2)
I think we'll be okay
The echo of the muffled drums
Don't be overwhelmed by that (x2)
If you think this is hard work (x2)
You've never seen work
Feel for your charm
Take out your good luck
We're getting close to the edge
Do what you know
Do a good job
You're getting closer to the end
What do you know (x2)
I know the song of the road
The song of the road (x2)

Spectral Alphabet
Emptiness and blue
Beside the city moon
Empty black cat eyes
Cat's cradle eyes
Keep an eye on you
Heavy spanish moss
A hanging veil across the graceland get
The ancestors of the world
Think it looks great
Their names inscribed by death
In a spectral alphabet
Their names look foreign
And they are forgotten by the world again
Emptiness and blue
Beside the city moon
The empty streets
Hardly remember you
The rest of us do
A promise inscribed by death
In a sprectral alphabet
The words look foreign
And they are forgotten by the world again
What it says could that have kept us out of fiery hands (x3)

Long Desert Train
Yu used to love a lot of things
You used to love talking
This you never told me about
If it's what your eyes were saying
I already figured it out
I could just tell it was bad
I couldn't tell how bad
You never took off your shades
And you stayed like that for days
I guess your pain never weakened
Your cool blood started burning
Scorching most of us in the flames
But there are things you can't change
There are things you can't change
You called that the curse of a human's life
That you couldn't change
Said you'd never be old enough
Or young enough
Tall enough
Or thin enough
Or smart enough
Or brave enough
Rich enough
Pretty enough
Strong enough
Good enough
Well you were to us
You wanted silence by itself
Just the word
You wanted peace by itself
Just to learn
There were things you couldn't change
You got the dull pounding rain
You got the last car in the long desert train
You almost made it
You almost made it again

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