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Songs: Ohia - 1997 Secretly Canadian

Vanquisher (cabwaylingo)
they come in sorry for the second vanquisher
to have so much to pretend
themselves not so against
though overtaken
this we'll survive, surviving those
against the smell of rope through pulley sing
there are fewer greater losses known
they have their affect they have their ransom
this will survive
you're all i think, this thing set troublin'
it will not end without brevity
against the smell of hope through measuring
there are fewer greater former ghosts
we have our affect we have our ranson
this we'll survive

930 (white sulfur)
never forget it was triumph we once proposed
instead, you would trade our mission for mission words
our several months alliance divergent invitations
then policies they were very low you see
we'll look of course to it
the ones you know you are building
so then, i'd like to see a little low illumination
so i may go around 9:00 or 9:30
who knows what (x2)
so then, i have to be going

Citadel (tenskwatawa)
close to the citadel, she raises her latern
close to the citadel, she raises her laquered hooves
the long road division, for lack of another route
and these then were all too good advantage lost
and i grow suspect as soon as your friendliness rises
cause one man alone stands a chance
but not a second chance
close to the citadel will hasten to affirm
for this congress we have ridden doubly against
and we'll grow suspect
as soon as their friendliness rises
and i alone stand a chance but not a second chance

Republic (our republic)
you should know,
trouble comes from a passionate word and
you should know,
passion comes from a passing word
dark blue they, our banners flayed
and burning to the base
submit to draw closer
the glance you'd once given me
an attempt of the old position
they impose their pushing in steep heroics
these fine others
i owe my lifted, tho' wounded head
and every side of you to a man
there have been signals
these are now joined by a future
and only say which decayed
not live opposite the failed republic
time will meet and pass you by
you should know
trouble comes from a passionate word
you should know
passion comes from a troublesome word
you should know
trouble sounds like a comforting word
you should know
passion comes from a passing word

Oriole (crab orchard)
captain the horseman and hound south travelin slowly
my loyality to crossroads and thresholds
comes with my rising hope to leave this hunt unfollowed
My blood's courage courses to rendezvous
with freedom(x4)
i swore nothing in my passing(in my passing)
to die like surrender would teach me a lesson
"Judas", they too would cry
oh oriole in the mile before dawn
do not return a treasonous song unguarded

Texas (big sewell Mt.)
wrap no cotton shrouds
you're champion around
right now the world suffers for you
(sufferin' for you)
set myself down on the frozen ground at dawn
pointed myself with my back to the sun
and thus were his eyes,
his hands spoke misfortune
and these are his words
that brought me through my sickness
if i were my hands(x2)
i'd choke out these words(x2)
my dying breath
set yourself down on the dewy ground at dawn
and there point yourself with your back to the sun

(G+T) Constant (gauley bridge)
I seen you sent the second part
with the faith thrown back
sent me to join the sudden evenings passing
if i have been too constant
then you were this thing also
she shut up the room,
same blue voice to sound it
how exactly Jonesy, do you declare we're bound
spend the lives that rise between us
we were once so constant
if you have been to constant
then i was this thing also
perhaps i will join that posture
you have braced around your smile

Sailor (dogwood gap)
how goes it soldier,
i'm too young to muster
though i know brown bonnet
who sweats like a soldier
when her boots come riding
on those nights that seem like the devil is riding
my halo for sabers over his shoulder
and he brings to me the rope and saw
one put to hang in, put one to save in
and how goes it sailor, i'm unwell for sailing
though i know the captain's bride
cause she comes to me and
she's handsome and wild as a hawk
and how goes it sister i do hate be botherin'
though i know you hate the fiends
they come to you and they're bearin' friendship
no lies could more have been
you come to me and
you're handsome, you're wild as a hawk

For You (greenbrier-LP only)
an abuse of mercy is the action of
a survivor only
the stars that glow from port to Portland
are not the same to abort their sting
when judgement comes to walk the earth
he will come with heaviest tidings
when he knocks on the door is for you(x3)
unless a friend were in deed to labor
his life alongside his greatest hazard
they'red always be room for you

Sin And Death (blue jay)
it seems that the older inhabitors never got out of you
the phantom broods were wronged in body
and in a state they will make their soon escape
by building a new inheiritence
it's likely more not to be
than sin and death and vipers to fill our beds
and as for liberty she will work or she will suffer
i am dense with the light of women
and i insist i'm not confused
i will not be going

Fortunate Man (Conscript or Little Beaver)
Conscript fathers, when they were by to see
not inspired by our lack of honesty
only then could i lament their services as fortunate men
who's a fortunate man, there's a fortunate man
i play my part to abuse you as well as i can
as well as on the first occasion, as well as in the end
only then could i regret my service as a fortunate man
who's a fortunate man
there are no fortunate men

One (cotton hill)
there are ones more worthy than i can be counted on
they are ones provoked to confound distinction
good and wrong
my saying too much on the side
if our two friends condem one virtue one verity
we err in our duty to utter truths
when we have one(x2)

Runs For It (blue stone)
Alone or in company, the city makes me nervous
you know i'd rather be
with little Sorrel or your house
or a little bit further
where i'd be standing with my reassurer
such an engine speaks such gear words
a sight for a civillians prayer
an American on the Dorsett shore
runs for it(x3)
to risk the pathetic again tonight
such poverty compells us to perfect our pride
run for it(x3)

Hayfoot (U.M.W. Pension)
i've left what's left of me on the shores of the Eerie
on the shores of the Eerie
and i've crawled ne'er so
home sickwardly home
so home sickwardly home
it goes Hayfoot with strawfoot
ya throw down(throw down)
and this they'll say serves me rightly(x2)
so i'd give o'er plainly, this journians luckless cause
if I weren't so lucky
it goes hayfoot with strawfoot ya throw down(throw down)
and this they'll say serves me rightly(x2)


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