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The Ghost - 1999 Secretly Canadian

The Dark Wrong Turn
The moon and the owls reprise the ghost
and I'm even more afraid by its recent move
complete world beside him now
he lays a blue hand across a serious, pale sky(x2)
and I now belong here(x2)
before they think of every endeavor
be it bright or be it subtle light
night and its insides sprawl across
the blue heart risin'
adding only black
to the face of a serious pale sky(x2)

Ruby Eyes In The Fog
I have the courage to say I am confused(x2)
why you would build all of that up to tolerate
whatever will transpire in that place
and I have the courage to say it is
like separation, a disease you should back away
how it lived so long(x2)
and I vow well enough to serve them well
though they produce invisible consequence
you can believe the regular way of words
their smallness and their trembling
they are small they are treacherous
when they are smallest they are treacherous
and I look straight through it like a line
and I have the courage to repeat it
but I respect it just enough not to repeat it(x3)

At Certain Hours It All Breaks Down
sooner or later a bright day comes
and it digs into the cellar of the darkest hearts
that it is more rare than it is true
at certain hours it all breaks down
you have less substance and less solid ground
you no longer suspiscious and you follow around
at certain hours it all breaks down
if you find me again open before you
and if you find me again with my head at the foot of the wall
I am sticking to what I personally saw
there were twelve of them(x2)
and they were circling around the image of me
and I was clad only in my faults
and I was in that hour all alone with twelve of them
and I was colorless the night was colorless but it had something
I wish I could find it again
the was made out of
so I left the city in the most subtle way(x2)

The Wild Wind
by the way you are behaving
I should be shaking my head
someone else will have to explain it(x2)
took at wind the dust was honest
took it in when the stars surround us
conversation is sloping off
and you know he must make a mistake
at this time they were slippery
and they were surrounded by them
and all they wore was their behavior
their bad behavior(bad behavior)
you are looking humiliated
you say that I'm as naked as I am
as naked as a woman
naked as a man
and you must bring us half an hour
of good luck when you can
you must bring the appeal of laughter if you can
you're surrounded by a halo that is sloping off(sloping off)
you get that curious look clamped to your mouth
wipe it away with the back of your hand
you're back that way hating again
the falling light(x3)

The Lost Messenger
a little frightened of going near
a little distracted I hear
wouldn't you rather come back with me?
you never used to get worried and now I'm worried
it's never ending put it all away
that shit is never ending put it all away
when you aren't around you can never say you were trying to quit.
you were trying to quit
that shit is never ending
you're already surrounded
that shit is never ending and you're already surrounded
and I ask and I am worried
you asked so i said I was frightened

One Harrowing Night
will that look be your only reply
you lower your head in reply
you mimic with your eye the moon
here it is white and full like a pale ghost across the sky
and here it is crescent like a dagger from your heart into mine
here it is just a spark to shine(x2)

You Are Not Alone On the Road
there is a silent role call that greets us in this bed
tonight it's waiting
still it's waiting for one of us
what about the one with the sharp edged mouth and eyes
the one that looked into me with the irresponsible look
the one that now is saying
I must depend on something
she whispered her future lover's name

Why Are We Stopping In The Storm
a resolute moment returns
and that's how close I got to you
it's as red as the target heart
even the sky's been influenced by you
and it ends all that doubt
it's true for any or all of us
there's never a good night to be
everything I've ever loved is here tonight
or the wish that it was here tonight (is here tonight)
everything that you need for truth is here tonight
or at least the wish for it is here tonight
and I am taken my chance here tonight
on that target heart
it is red as the target's heart
even the sky was influenced by you
see how the self can be made and remade(x2)
but the truth can either be made but can't be remade
love can't be made or remade

The Far End Of the Bridge
there's a night that's a good night
for letting your friends down
there's never a good night for being cheap
there ain't never a good night for ripping people off
but there ain't no law against it
there has never been a good night for letting you friends down
there has never been a good night for being cheap
there has never been a good night for ripping people off
but there ain't no law against it
obviously you don't see no law against it
obviously you haven't seen nothing wrong with it

A Widow Sang The Stars Down
I know about how bleak it all can seem
when you look at good or bad
you say this is what I had
and I know it is ambitious but it's still the truth
I have something that's lasting in a man
my heart has survived an order through the ruins
the shadow and it's promise vibrates across the room
you said it's savage but it's my duty
to build something precious than to kill something precious
then the shadow and then the promise clearly lost its nerve
don't leave me now(x2)
just say you're practicing for how you would say goodbye(x2)
don't leave me now(x3)

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